Daniel Amor
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  • Radical Simplicity
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  • Title: Radical Simplicity
    Author: Daniel Amor and Rick Hayes-Roth
    Publisher: Prentice Hall, New York, 2003
    ISBN: 0131002910
    Pages: 360
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  • Daniel Amor spoke at the Search Engine Optimisation conference of the Ark Group about "Delivering targeted content to multilingual users".
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Radical Simplicity

The next computer revolution will be built around one person: you

Imagine computers you can delegate to... computers that tell you things you want to know about ... adapt to your needs and preferences without being told ... work together on your behalf ... and respond to your voice, language, and gestures. It's all coming, sooner than you think -- and when it does, today's computers will be recognized as the dinosaurs they are.

Radical Simplicity previews the "Me-Centric" computing revolution, in which the vast power of computers, communications, and software finally comes together to do your bidding-seamlessly, easily, and naturally. This "plain English" guide covers both the technology and its implications-and shows how you can prepare, starting today.

Whether you're an executive or an IT professional, Radical Simplicity will help you take the lead in a new technology revolution that will dwarf everything that's come before it.