Daniel Amor
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  • E-Business (R)Evolution, 1st Ed
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  • Title: E-Business (R)Evolution, 1st Ed
    Author: Daniel Amor
    Publisher: Prentice Hall, New York, 1999
    ISBN: 013085123X
    Pages: 650
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  • Daniel Amor spoke at the Search Engine Optimisation conference of the Ark Group about "Delivering targeted content to multilingual users".
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Andrew Stern, Executive Director of EFFEI

So much has been written about e-business over the last few years – and so much of it in hyperbolic language - that it is difficult to turn to any publication on the topic without a degree of caution. Daniel Amor’s book comes as a refreshing change. Written very much as a "how-to" guide, the book benefits from its author's on the job experience of working as an e-business consultant for Hewlett-Packard in Germany. Daniel Amor provides illuminating insights into the significance of new e-commerce technologies and gives the reader a taste for the future, with a fascinating section on the imminent era of "pervasive computing" where everyone and everything is connected. The book includes chapters on web security and payment systems that will be of particular interest to financial executives seeking to come to grips with the opportunities and potential threats posed by e-commerce.

Computerweekly.co.uk, Paul Philips, 12th July 2000

Daniel Amor’s new title is aimed at exploring the pros and cons of e-business

Many books claim to provide guidance on understanding how the Internet works and creating strategies to exploit it. Few titles live up to the promotional text printed on their cover sleeves, but this one comes closer than most. The book is aimed at entrepreneurs and executives working in e-businesses. It covers both the technical and strategic aspects of what is for many a daunting and too often a misunderstood new medium.

With the plummeting stock price of Internet companies, together with limited profits, most investors are looking, once again, at a company's bottom line as a guide to its market value. Ultimately, meeting or exceeding market expectations is the lifeblood of any public company in either the new or old economy. The days of venture capitalists investing millions of pounds into companies with no visible profits in the short- to medium-term are disappearing. It is crucial then that new economy companies have the business acumen required to succeed along with good ideas. This is the exact niche that The E-business (R)evolution has been written to fill.

The book tries to provide a comprehensive yet structured account for anyone wishing to implement a web strategy for their company. The author, Daniel Amor, has written an insightful guide covering the most important aspects of e-business, which will be of interest to the increasing numbers of entrepreneurs or executives responsible for a company's e-business initiative.

Sensibly, Amor doesn't delve into too much technical detail, which might deter less specialised readers. He outlines the alternative e-business approaches together with their pros and cons, reinforced where necessary with case studies.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section provides an introduction to e-business, to prepare readers for their experiences online. Amor offers detailed advice on selecting technologies and legal issues, as well as providing a useful primer on marketing strategies on the Web.

The second section focuses on applications, including search engines, shopping, resource management and interactive communication tools such as online meetings, Internet chat rooms and online training.

The third section compares the pros and cons of different web technologies, the sensitive issue of Internet security, not forgetting an examination on the uses of Java in a business and the many imaging technologies available such as QuickTime and VRML. The third section is also devoted to the payment methods available via the Internet. Importantly, this section includes an assessment of the risks and advantages of a number of methods.

The Internet is constantly changing and many businesses devote a great deal of time and money attempting to predict future trends. Daniel Amor provides readers with his vision of the future of e-business and the software and hardware that will drive the changes.

The E-business (R)evolution includes a jargon-busting glossary of Internet terms as well as two appendices. The first outlines Internet business architecture and the other covers useful web addresses. For any reader wading through literature on the Internet, a glossary is a welcome addition to breaking down the jargon barrier that pervades the medium and which can seriously hinder learning.

Most books on the subject of the Internet and business discuss either Internet technologies or business strategies; this book manages to traverse both affably. Daniel Amor writes about the new economy in a simple, readable yet pragmatic and persuasive manner. No book is perfect and perhaps the only criticism that can be levied at this one is that the author has taken a ground-up approach, which won't satisfy all readers. At 650 pages, The E-business (R)evolution is a large tome. However, given the layout of the text, it is possible to read only the sections that you find interesting rather than reading the book from cover to cover to understand the ideas contained within.

Overall, The E-business (R)evolution makes a good stab at demystifying the complex arena of e-business. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this work is that Daniel Amor has managed to write a refreshing book in comparison to the multitude of e-business titles that litter bookshops.

digitalplays.com, recommended book, 2001

A very practical book on how to "do e-business" as well a a glimpse into the future of pervasive computing. Has good stuff on web security and payments systems - and will be of particular interest to people in the Financial Services industry.

Gadwall.com, February 28, 2001 - Jim Frazier

[...] Amazingly, for a book on technology and business, this book is very readable. Except for a couple of chapters (like the Java chapter I mention above) it wasn't too technical, and you can almost read this book for pleasure, not just business.

When I read a business book, I usually take notes with page numbers so that I can refer to the book in articles and presentations that I write. I have ten pages of notes on this book. Need I say more? [...]

juergendaum.com, 09.02.2000 - Jürgen Daum, The book of the month

You - a person who is familiar with business and with IT in general - have looked for a book which explains you in a comprehensive view the technical and commercial background of the e-revolution?

Here it is: ‘The E-Business (R)evolution’ is a complete handbook and briefing for every entrepreneur and executive making e-business plans. Start by understanding the six phases of e-business, from “Hello, I’m Online, Too” through “One World-One Computer”. Build the case for e-business, including e-commerce; then learn how to choose the right technologies, avoid legal (and other) pitfalls of e-business, create your marketing strategy on the Web and your e-business applications and learn about the near future of the Web.

The author – Daniel Amor – is an e-business consultant for Hewlett-Packard in Germany. He is currently involved in several large e-business projects throughout Europe.

‘The E-business (R)evolution’ by Daniel Amor is the most complete and even more important, most useful book on e-business I have found so far. You can clearly see that the author does actually possess real world experience in developing and implementing e-business strategies.

hosfordusa.com, March 2000 - Lon Hosford

This is the popular book that puts the business about eBusiness and eCommerce into perspective. You get the big picture. The book is highly rated because it takes the technical out of the picture and shows you how it is deployed versus how it works. Topics include security, money transactions, planning, and more. You cannot say you know anything about ecommerce unless you have read this book.

msm.byu.edu, February 2001 - Richard Dance, President of SoftResources LLC

[...] The E-Business (R)evolution is intended for those that like a European and technical slant to the Internet. [...] The thrust of his book is intended for an electronic entrepreneur, a hands-on person as the book covers all the topics required for a complete and secure e-business solution.

Complete and Important - Dirk Buschmann from Köln, Germany (dirk.buschmann@knowledgeintelligence.de)

The ebusiness (r)evolution by Daniel Amor is the most complete and even more important, most useful book on e-business I could find so far. You can clearly see that the author does actually possess real world experience in developing and implementing e-business strategies. It is a must read for everyone aiming to be successful in e-business. This is the reason why I recommend this book to all our employees, our clients as well as my students.

The New Reality is just a Doorstep Away - Uta Winter from Heidelberg, Germany (uta@mediatechbooks.de)

Daniel Amor describes the rules of the new Economy in a simple and persuasive form. The reader will be hooked on the new medium and sales channel Internet. If he isn't already out there in the new Internet-World he surely wants to get part of the new hype after or during reading the book. The connected world is cool and hip. Amor succeeds in bringing this fact to the reader. This book is a present to understand Web Browser Technology, backgrounds and differences, to get a clue about programming languages like HTML or JavaScript, about Search Engines, Internet Telephony or Portal Web Sites. The book is well written and very useful - even for the non-technical reader. Every topic is illustrated by examples/business cases and checklists. By this it's very easy for the reader to follow Amor's chain of thought. Tone and style are more than appropriate to its market. Amor gives a lively description of the E-Business (R)Evolution. His style is highly professional. Due to the subtitle "Living and Working in an Interconnected World" the audience will expect descriptions and guidelines on social change as well as the new rules in business-life. Amor gives a detailled description of the interconnected business world and the technology which comes with it. Daniel Amor dedicates a part on the impact of technology on the human side of the interconnected world. How does a human being feel with a chip in his refrigerator or microwave? People have to get used to the new reality which is just a doorstep away.

Excellent resource for any e-ntrepreneur - Ruth Mayers from York, England (ruth@net-factory.com)

This book is an amazing resource for understanding, developing, implementing and running e-business types of solutions. Unlike other books it provides not only a means for today, but presents an outlook into the future of networked computing.

Great E-Business book even for non-professionals - Boris Boutros from Canary Islands, Spain (info@topreseller.com)

Daniel Amor's book is a very good resource for people who want to set up their own online business. I was overwelmed by the welth of information that was presented in the book. It takes customers from the basics very fast to the depths of each area without losing any of them.

Putting business back into focus - Denis Jones from New York City, USA

While most books on Internet and Business drive either into Internet technologies or Business plans, this book is able to do the crossover between Technology and Business, placing Business drivers in the foreground, just as we see it happening right now on the Internet. While technology dominated the last few years, it is now the companies with the right business plan and the right technologies how are making the most profit. While explaining all relevant Internet technologies in-depth the book never forgets the reason for the technologie by going into detail on the business value of each technology and by presenting business plans where technologies might fit or not. Especially Chapter 3 with its complete overview is excellent. Chapter 5 is an outstanding compedium for every online marketeer and Chapter 16 brings the reader into a whole new world of ideas. In addition to the book, the web site accompanying the book (http://www.ebusinessrevolution.com/) is providing additional information and resources.

High value for strategic e-business - Gary Tighe from Melbourne, Florida, USA (gtighe@mindspring.com)

I invested quite a bit of time reviewing books on e-business at Barnes & Noble before I purchased yours. I find myself constantly congratulating myself for my wise selection. What an incredible end product you have created! I find your work to be of very high value to me as a consultant involved in getting my clients to think and plan strategically about their e-business. Thank you.

P.S. Your web site is a reflection of your thinking. It looks and loads great.

Finally e-business has become understandable for everybody - Sabine Pavlisic from Altbach, Germany (sabine@pavlisic.de)

Daniel Amor's book gives the best overview over e-business I have ever seen. I am studying business administration and I know how important this new business area is. His book provide everyone from the beginner to the specialist with the required knowledge in a simple and understandable language. The given examples in every chapter show everyone that it is not only written theory, but it is practiced already and is getting more important in our businesslife. Daniel Amor's book is tremendous and recommended to everyone who is interested in this topic. If you are looking for a specific subject a brilliant and detailed index helps you to find the right pages in the book. For readers who want to scan only some keypoints a summary in a textbox is presented on every few pages.

Witty book - Brian Howard from Seattle, Washington, USA (brian@selin.com)

The book describes the actual situation in the market in a very witty and verbal way. The style the book is written in is more verbal and informal than any other book I have seen so far on this topic. Reading the book is like listening to someone next to you who is trying to explain everything to you. This makes it very easy to follow. The topics are presented in chunks large enough to let the typical reader follow with trouble, without boring her or him.

Ideal for beginners and experts - Thomas Kessler from Nürnberg, Germany (tom@smart-sms.com)

Three years ago I found out that there was Internet. Two years ago I started using it for shareware-distribution and sort of payment. Then after finding and reading this excellent book this year, I started innovative services for mobile phones via the Internet. The book revolutioned my way of using the internet and helped me a lot with all its hints and example-scenarios for technical as well as marketing issues. It contains valuable information for both the beginner and the expert in ebusiness.

Business and Technical Handbook for the New Millenium - Hardy Smith from Dublin, Ireland (hardysmith@postmaster.co.uk)

Explaining how things work on the Internet is one thing, but getting the pieces into context is another one. Amor's book is doing both extremely well. It has helped me to understand much better what to do and why to do it.

Either you like it or hate it! - Frans Teerp from Rotterdam, The Netherlands (frans_teerp@hotmail.com)

After reading The E-Business (R)Evolution, I was puzzled about the very diverging comments on the book, and it seems that either you like his casual style of writing or you hate it. I, for my part, enjoyed the book very much, even though some typos are still in there (but this is something the publisher can resolve with a reprint), the value it provides to my business is huge.

Great book--highly recommended - Amrit Tiwana from Atlanta, Georgia, USA (atiwana@gsu.edu)

This title looks deceptively small...but is a truly comprehensive book! Damn, if these folks would stop printing 600 page books on thin paper! Don't be turned off by its seemingly think look (I found it in Borders) on the shelf...there is a lot of meat to this book, unlike many titles that I've wasted money on. *Highly* recommended.

Internet Handbook for Business and Technology People - Gülay Kilic from Germany (guelay_kilic@exch.bbn.hp.com)

The book of Daniel Amor is one of the best books on e-business, e-commerce, e-services and all other e-s on the market. It is not only very complete, but information is presented in a very structured way, making it easy to read through the book very fast and efficiently and making it possible to skip parts, which may be of interest at a later stage. The book is written in a way that a layman is able to get up to speed without explaining trivial topics. More advanced readers will profit from the in-depth explanations, by placing a particular business case or technology into the overall solution. Internet business seems easy but has many caveats, which are explained in this book and solutions are presented to overcome these problems.

In-depth handbook for business on the Internet - Lee Chun from Seoul, Korea

Easy-to-understand and very complete handbook which I use for my work as consultant and which has helped in various situations with customers.

Hard To Find - Brian Cabaday from Oakville, Canada (cabaday@idirect.com)

Topic list sounds good, but I haven't been able to find the book yet in print anywhere in my area. Let's say the potential is excellent!

Impressive Overview on E-Business - Garry Nitting from Sidney, Australia (garry@nitting.com.au)

Daniel's book is very impressive. Not only does it cover all aspects of online business, it also concentrates on explaining and delivering the solution, not only bits and pieces of technology. Although he works for HP, he does include solutions from Sun, IBM and Compaq, just to name a few, which makes it a really good book.

The Compendium for every business-person - Klaus Wagner from Hanover, Germany

The book "The E-Business (R)Evolution" offers everything that is required for starting up a business on the Internet. It starts with laying out how a business plan should look like goes on to marketing and explains the new distribution channels on the Internet. Not only the concepts are explained, but illustrated with many examples. Not only the business part is covered, but also the technical part for setting up an online business is explained in detail and brought into context with the business model. The whole book is written in clear and easy to understand English, making it easy for non-native speakers. Business people, students, teachers and professors will all profit from this book.

Very good book - Jose Enrique Vaque from Manaus, Brasil

This is my first book about e-business and I like it very much. I want to become an online shop and this book can help me very much. Thank you.

Great Stuff - Bernhard from Louisville, Kentucky

After having downloaded Chapter 6 from Daniel's Website, I was convinced to have the right book in my hand. Unfortunately I had to wait for a few weeks to get the book, but now that I have it I want to congratulate Daniel on his book. It is well written and contains all the relevant information I require for setting up my own business on the Internet.

Going beyond E-Business - Arnold Zapp from Chicago, Illinois

This is the first book to prepare us for the next Millenium. It shows where the Internet is heading and how we can start setting up new e-services. It has made me understand that the big business is moving away from PC-based Internet to device-driven Internet (such as mobile phones and cars), which need totally different information, in most cases related to the location of the person using it. It also seems to me that many companies still are not even prepared for the first phase in E-Business, but nevertheless need to have a vision of where they want to be in the future. This book help a lot developing this vision and strategy.

A Must Read! - Harry Chong from Changchun, China

This book is a must read for every company already online who want to move to the next chapter on the Internet. The opinion of the author is market, technology and business driven, making it easy to follow and to increase the visibility of your web presence. I recommend this book to you!