Daniel Amor
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  • E-Business (R)Evolution, 2nd Ed
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  • Title: E-Business (R)Evolution, 2nd Ed
    Author: Daniel Amor
    Publisher: Prentice Hall, New York, 2002
    ISBN: 0130670391
    Pages: 906
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  • Daniel Amor spoke at the Search Engine Optimisation conference of the Ark Group about "Delivering targeted content to multilingual users".
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Globetechnology.com, June 3, 2002 - Andrew Allentuck

Since the superb first edition of this book came out in 2000, e-business has metamorphosed into something ubiquitous, often wireless, and too often profitless. Daniel Amor, chief technologist for e-commerce for Hewlett-Packard in Germany, has added 228 pages to the first edition and brought the book up to date.

Among the best additions to the first edition is an analysis of dot.com deaths. His take on the phenomenon that has been waggishly called the "dot con" phenomenon is not that virtual business was insufficiently attractive to potential customers, but that buyers became more discerning and cut back capital injections to dud companies like fashion merchandiser Boo.com.

Hubris drove fashion merchandiser Boo.com to its death, Mr. Amor says. It wasted $400,000 (US) a week on ads and perks and had a website so complex that it jammed customers' computers. In the end, Boo.com blew away about $1 billion (US), Mr. Amor relates. While Boo.com lived, it thrived on hype and the sheer brio of staffers who jetted around the world first class blowing wads of cash without knowing why.

Brilliance and clarity made the first edition a world wide best seller in the e-commerce market. The second edition is even better, even more current, and even more vital to e-commerce managers and technologists who want to get perspective and tools for their industry. Better than this, few e-commerce texts get. For information and for a wonderfully clear and direct style, The E-Business Revolution sets a standard that others can only try to emulate.

Very Good Book, January 9, 2003 - Wekesa from Tokushima

This book is good.

I wanted a book to help me prepare for CompTIA's e-Biz+ examination, and I think my search is over. This book explains things so well and it gives you a complete picture. So far, I find it fun to read. It has to be the book.

The money will have been well spent.

bhreviews.co.uk, 15.3.2002

At first glance this book did not look to promising, lets face it the subject of e-business does not in general get anyone excited.

Fortunately I started to read the book and found I could not put it down until I had finished it. The final score of editors choice just about says it all.

This is a must have book for anyone that has a web site and hopes to succeed in the world of e-business. When I say anyone , I mean web sites run by just one guy, right up to those big corporate sites, you do really need to absorb the contents of this book and put some of what it contains to use.

espen.com, 2003 - Espen Andersen

A very complete "technology book", though there is little reason to feel intimidated.  Good explanations of all aspects of life online, practically oriented and surprisingly up-to-date.  And, for an added bonus, written by a European....

One of the best books about e-business, March 11, 2002 - Industrial News Net from Sidney, Australia

The E-Business (R)Evolution provides a very detailed overview on the most important topics related to e-business. It provides not only insight into the technologies and businesses, but proves the different business models by providing some very good examples from around the world. While the hype is gone, e-business is still here and there is more than one reason for it. If you need to understand better what the next steps should be, in your e-business adventure, get this book and you will learn how to be successful!

Very complete manual for the entrepreneur!, February 9, 2002 - Ginger Harold from Leeds, United Kingdom

A very nice book about e-business that even includes some very funny notes, such as: "In May 2000, the producers of the television show Big Brother tried to admonish anyone who tried to set up an unofficial fan page. In this case it is questionable if intellectual property is involved since the whole concept was without content." I like most the sections about legal problems (which is free on the author's web page) and the chapter about new technologies.

Great Update on the Number 1 in E-Business, January 30, 2002 - A reader from Lyon, France

This book has been the foundation of my classes for two years now and with this update it has become even better. Well done, please keep up the good work.

matches aptly the practical experience of the author, January 29, 2002 - Sascha Lew from Moscow, Russia

The book matches aptly the practical experience of the author, received for many years work of the consultant in Hewlett-Packard, and his solid theoretical cognitions in electronic business and economy. The recommendations of this book reader on organizations of the electronic business, as well as description of the multiple programme products, examples of the use technology Java in electronic commerce, feature of the legal base for electronic commercial activity in miscellaneous country, events from practical persons of the known companies and ensemble of the references to Web-sites.

21st century intelligences electronic commerce collection, January 28, 2002 - Chuang Wong from Shanghai, China

This book is one 21st century intelligences electronic commerce collection, is one introduction electronic commerce very foundation technique books. Is popular and the low charge use along with Internet, provided the fertile soil for the electronic commerce development, gradually caused the electronic commerce and people's work, the life blows gently the correlation. The entire book by five parts of, 16 chapter of and 3 appendices is composed. The first part is the electronic business foundation knowledge, includes the Internet commerce crosses the threshold, the on-line service preparation, the technical choice, avoids the legal question and the Web camp sells the strategy. The second part is the electronic commerce application technology, includes search engine and the entrance, the shopping and the ORM plan and the interactive correspondence experience. The third part is Internet technology itself, includes the Web technology the comparison, the Internet security, the Java language, Internet picture processing and on-line paying money. The fourth part will be to the electronic commerce future the technical development forecast, will include the opening source code, will fill the air the computation and ultra fills the air the computation. The fifth part is 3 appendices, includes the electronic commerce terminology confluence, the Internet service system structure example and the useful Web stand. This book content is new, is rich, abundant and elegant, the structure is clear, the usability is strong, not only is the development personnel, enterprise's information which is engaged in the electronic commerce is in charge of and possesses personnel's study instruction book which is interested to the Internet electronic commerce, moreover also is the institutions of higher learning correlation specialized teachers and students teaching, studies independently the reading material and the social correlation domain training class's teaching material.

Second Edition - a great update!, January 15, 2002 - Janice Hollwarth from Boston, MA USA

Daniel Amor has revised his book after two years almost completely and adapted it to the changes that occured within these two years. He puts now even more emphasis on ROI and business cases and provides some insight how the dot.coms crashed. Already in 1999 he presented the right strategy, but it seemed that no very many dot.coms really listened. Although dot.coms may be dead, the Internet is still here and alive and kicking and therefore his book presents the key concepts for building and operating e-business web-sites today. The book also improved largely on the language part and is now even more fun to read. I have been using the book for teaching and will introduce now the second edition to my classes.

A Very Good e-Business Manual, December 30, 2001 - Edy M. Prawono from Bandung, Indonesia

"The E-business (R)evolution" is packed with many good examples about internet and online business practises. With these samples alone, we will have a better perspective about electronic-businesses.

"The E-business (R)evolution" is a very good book about Net-Biz.